Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of Season Baseball Party

On June 28th, the Lafayette Life baseball team gathered at Prophetstown State Park to celebrate the end of the season. As the Team Mom, I organized and planned the events for the day. It was a super fun time! I made this VERY cool (if I do say so myself) cupcake cake in the shape of a baseball. In case you don’t know, this is a cake that is made up of several cupcakes arranged together and then iced together, rather than individually. Each of the boys also had their own “mini me” cupcake. It was a big hit! (Pun intended!)

After lunch, we played games – first was the water relay. We gathered all the players, all the siblings, and the coaches together, divided up into 2 teams and spread out along the length of the sidewalk. Each person had a cup. The object was for the person at the beginning to fill their cup with water, then pass that water from cup to cup all the way to the end. The first team to fill their milk jug to the line was the winner. It was such fun that we played it several times. Of course, kids just love water.

Tanner and Hayden work together.

The little sisters played, too.

After the relay, there was the water balloon toss. The last 2 person team to have a water balloon that didn’t pop was the winner. And then, the big fun was the water rockets. The Waffle was in charge of this one. You take an empty 2 liter, fill it half way with water, then place it on the launcher. Add a little air pressure, thanks to the air compressor, and BLAST OFF! This proved to be quite entertaining. After launching their ‘rockets,’ the kids got to go into the prairie grass to hunt for them!

Before blast off.

And after!

Mallory's turn!

All in all, it was a fun day for all. We gave the coaches their thank you gifts – a baseball signed by each of the players. And they parents gave me one – a $20 gift card from Bath & Body Works! Sweet! I enjoyed this summer’s baseball season more than any other. I believe it was a combination of good kids, good coaches, and good company!

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