Saturday, March 20, 2010

For those who wonder

For those who wonder . . .
. . . do sisters and brothers really get along?
. . . is a sandbox a good investment?
. . . and why do the Kincaids still have one in their backyard?

Here is the answer:

circa 2004

circa 2010

Same kids, same yard, same sandbox.  6 years later.  Yes, they play well together.  Yes, a sandbox is a good investment.  And yes, the Kincaids will be keeping theirs for another year, it seems.  And to think, I considered that maybe this summer, we would take it out (finally).  Guess that's what I get for thinking, huh?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


It has been a little more than nine years.  I know this because we brought Hayden home from the hospital before we were done the last time.  Done doing what, you ask?  Done remodeling the bathroom the first time, that's what!  Last time we gutted it.  New studs, new floors, new fixtures, everything.  This time, it was just the surface stuff: paint, shower curtain, window covering, rugs.  But, boy, it sure does look different!  Check out the slideshow, then I'll tell you about the title . . .

Now that you've seen all the "pretty," I'll tell you why it's called "Chocolate." We bought the shower curtain first. After doing so, we had to go paint shopping. You know how it is, you pick up swatches, try to match them, take them home to check them in the proper light. Eventually you buy paint. When we got started, the beige color wasn't all that exciting. I kept hoping that I would like it when we were done, but I was having my doubts. And so was Brett. Especially after we cracked open the second gallon of paint. He was completely convinced it was going to be too dark. Then Mallory saw the paint. The first words out of her mouth were, "It looks like melted chocolate!"

So, now, whenever she's in the bathroom, she says, "Mmmmmm, Chocolate!"

The Answer is "no"

He isn't supposed to be up there.
Doesn't look like he's aware of this rule that he's breaking, does it?

That's Disgusting!

So why did I take a picture of it?  Couldn't tell you, really.  

What is it?  Any ideas?
Looks like a mess on the floor, doesn't it?  Well, it is, but what's funny is that I put it there.  On purpose.  

Here's a close up.

What about now?  Do you know what the mess is that I put on the floor?

It's the contents of our four slice toaster.  Where else was I supposed to shake it all out?!?!
I'm just thankful that the toaster didn't catch on fire!

Confessions of a Loving Wife

The Waffle celebrated his 40th birthday this year.  While I have been teasing him for quite some time about being old, I wanted to be honoring, not mean, for this special occasion.  I decided a long time ago that there would be no "Over the Hill" decorations, no black balloons, and no gag gifts.  You see, I am younger than the Waffle, and I know that what goes around comes around.  I don't know how I will be feeling when I am preparing to hit the big 4-0, so I wanted to go easy on him.

The Saturday before his birthday, we had plans to be in a Euchre tournament with a group of friends from church.  I decided to go ahead and use this opportunity to celebrate with Brett.

Here's the cake:

And here are the candles:


Now, for the confession part.  After a very busy weekend, complete with euchre party and cake, we started a very busy week.  Monday came and went.  Tuesday came and went.  Wednesday (the big day) came, and almost went, without me even wishing the Waffle a Happy Birthday!  Can you believe it?  Sometimes our lives are in such a routine, and we have stuff going on ~ Scouts, sports, homework, Bible study, etc. ~ that doing something special mid-week is out of the question.  The REALLY bad part?  I didn't even buy him a card!  Ugh!  Good thing we gave up keeping score in our relationship a long time ago.  Or I would really have some points to be making up for!

Bears in the News

In January Hayden's Bear Den visited the production plant for our local newspaper, the Journal and Courier.  It is an amazing building, very architecturally appealing, with full glass in the front.  You can even see the huge printing press from the road!

The newspaper had not "gone to press" yet when we were there ~ so it was very quiet in the building.  While on the tour, I learned that the local printing plant prints papers for cities and towns all over the Midwest.  We even saw some for Ohio!

This nice older gentleman is a retired J & C employee who volunteers his time to give tours.  He had a little trouble holding the attention of all the children, but he was very patient with our group.

Those big tanks hold the ink for the newspapers.  They were huge!

This machine puts the inserts into the newspaper.

This is a roll of newsprint paper.  Just for reference, Mallory is about 46 inches tall!

Christmas Break Fun

I fell off the blogging wagon a couple months ago, and I'd like to do a little catch up.  Will you let me?  You will?!?!  That's great!  Hang on - here we go!

Over Christmas break, I took the whole two weeks off with the kids.  It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!!  I hope I will be able to do it again in the future.  Next time I will probably do a little more event planning to keep us busy. 
This year, after playing in the snow for a couple of days, I took the kids swimming one afternoon and then we all went skating one evening.  

Hayden, our little Fish.  
(Actually, he's now a "Flying Fish" at the Y!)

The lifeguard at the Y was going to make me get in the pool with the kids (specifically Mallory, 
since she is not 9 years old).  "Well, that's a problem," I said.  "Because I didn't bring my suit!"
She had mercy on us and let the kids swim anyway.  Whew!

Skating was fun for all. It has been years since I've been on roller skates.  Hayden had recently been to a birthday party at the skating rink, but it was Mallory's first time ever!  They both did great!

Hayden had a play day with his friend Jake.  We also went to the movies and had game night with our friends, the Brewers. 
Here are the girls at the theater ~ such sweetness!

Mallory had a chance to hold Baby Molly, the Brewers' newest grandchild!

Then later that evening, the girls made cookies, YUM!

We celebrated New Year's with some other friends, the Craigs.  
This is Mallory with Grace on New Year's Eve.  

Hayden and Brett are teaching Doug, Jake, Fred and Ted how to play Settlers of Catan, a new 
game Hayden got for Christmas.  We love this game!  It's tons of fun!

All in all, it was a great break.  The kids (especially Hayden) were really ready to go back to school.