Sunday, August 16, 2009

Space Academy (Cub Scout style, that is!)

Cub Scout Day Camp 2009 was held from August 3 – 7 at Cary Camp in Lafayette. This was Hayden’s 2nd year to go to day camp. Our pack’s attendance really grew – last year there were 5 from our pack, and this year there were over 20! That’s awesome!

Monday morning flag raising.

HK starts the week.

The boys enjoyed 5 days full of space themed activities including rocket launching, Yoda’s friends, galaxy exploring, space grub, zero gravity training, space mining, alien egg blasting, missile launching and lots of other stuff! The Waffle went with Hayden on Monday to enjoy the fun. Then on Friday, all the parents are invited to see all the skits prepared by the different dens.

Hayden is a good shot with both archery and BB guns, and passed the swimmers test, too!
All those lessons last year really paid off!

Honoring the 5 Day Walkers

Cary Camp has the largest attendance of any camp in the whole Council this year!

The "Two suckers on a stick" skit!

Dirty and tired every evening, learning and growing every day, that’s what Scout camp is all about.

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