Sunday, August 16, 2009

Turkey in July? Yes - Turkey Run, that is!

I’ve heard people say that camping is either/or. You either love it or you hate it. Well, the Kincaids definitely love it. We try to go every summer. In years past, we have been camping at Brown County, Indiana Beach, and Lake Rudolph to name a few. This year we decided to camp at Turkey Run. I am usually the planner of the vacation agenda, and I was all prepared this year, too. We could go hiking, swimming, horseback riding and canoeing. A total outdoor adventure! When we arrived, we weren’t totally crazy about our campsite, so we checked to see if we could switch – and we did. It worked out well. We ended up with a bigger campsite with more shade and a boy on the campsite right behind us. For those of you that don’t camp, one of the best things about camping is that the kids make new friends. Everyone’s out playing, riding their bikes, making s’mores and stuff, and it’s just a real friendly, fun atmosphere. We went hiking and swimming the first day and canoeing the second, then hiking again the third day. We also visited the nature center and went to a show in the planetarium.

The kids absolutely LOVED Turkey Run. The hiking was awesome – the sights and sounds of the beauty around us just had a way of ‘connecting’ you to the world around you. Hayden wanted to go on the longest, most strenuous trail, so, we did. Everyone loved it, but we sure did sleep well that night! And the day we went canoeing was certainly an adventure. We took 2 canoes, Hayden and mom in one and Mallory and the Waffle in the other. We packed a picnic lunch, and off we went on our nautical adventure. It was a good day, mostly. Except for the part where I freaked out because our canoe was turned backwards, moving toward rapid waters and a fallen tree in the middle of Sugar Creek! After I was done speaking louder than I should (read “screaming”) and we got our canoe turned back around facing the correct way, I was calm again. I don’t think Hayden appreciated getting smacked in the face with tree branches very much, though. Sorry, ‘bout that, bud!

Our last night, there were storms predicted to move through the area. Having camped in the rain before, we prepared ourselves. We took some of our stuff down and put all of our stuff under tarps. It never did rain through the night, but the next morning, it started about 5 am. And rained for 2 – 3 hours. Because we’d prepared ourselves, we just lay in the tent and listened to the rain, drifting in and out of sleep. It was wonderful. Yes, I said wonderful. After the rain stopped, we emerged from our cover, had breakfast, and packed up. We were hot, dirty, and exhausted, but there’s just something about cooking over a campfire and sleeping outside that relaxes us.

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