Sunday, August 23, 2009

Opening Day!

Baseball Season has started . . . AGAIN! Yippeee! For those of you who didn't read all of my previous posts on summer baseball, or didn't get a chance to follow the Lafayette Life team blog, you should know that I am a baseball lover! In case you aren't, all it takes is for a child that holds high importance in your life to take a liking to it - and "POOF" you can become a baseball lover, too!

Pre-game Warm Up

This Saturday was opening day for Hayden's fall season. They handed out uniforms before the game - check out that orange! Go Mets! They let the boys pick their own numbers this time - anything between 1 and 99. Of course, 1 and 99 were both taken by the time it got around to Hayden. Not sure why he picked #36, but that was his choice! He had a lot of fun at his first Mustang game. After the summer league finished up, he was able to move up a bracket and now plays with the nine and ten year olds. While he is no longer the best player on the team, he's still enjoying himself. The coach has been putting him in left field, but we have noticed that Hayden doesn't seem to mind playing the outfield. No, he doesn't see as much action as some of the other positions, but he's learning which positions he backs up and also how to get the ball in to make a play. Now, we just need to work on catching those fly balls!

Ready to Play

Best Left Fielder I know!

They lost their first game - the score was 9 -6 or 7, I think. Not too bad. Hayden was up to bat twice - and hit the ball twice. The first time it was a single, and the second time he got out at first. I was certainly proud of him for hitting it! His team is definitely capable of winning, which isn't something we've enjoyed for the past two years. We are all looking forward to the season.

"It's a Base Hit for #36, Kincaid!"

Post-Game Sportsmanship

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