Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays x 4

This year the Asaro family tried something a little different. The grandkids' birthdays fall at the beginning of each month, August through November. That's a lot of road time between here and Michigan - which is challenging for all of us. Additionally, the time we 'spend' together is also spent with all the other birthday guests, thus not allowing for much bonding and visiting for just us. So, we planned a birthday celebration for all the kids together!

So, this weekend, the last hooray for the summer, we drove up to Michigan for our Asaro Birthday Celebration. Unfortunately, for all good intentions to arrive at a decent hour on Friday, we got stuck on 65 due to a semi wreck. So, a 3 hour trip turned into almost 5. UGH!

Anyway, after arrival, we relaxed at Gramma and Grampa Asaro's house. The kids slept on cots, which they thought was awesome. Brett and I slept in the spare room on a king size bed. Equally awesome. The next day, the cousins arrived and it was fun for all.

Beautiful Cousins - Mallory and Chloe
(And, yes, they will both be locked up until at least age 25 . . . )

The kids enjoyed getting wet in the swimming pool and slip n slide.

Mallory and Hayden each got new games for their Nintendo DS.
Mallory has hardly put hers down since!

Heading to the playground down the street.

Hayden and Alayna checking the mail for Gramma.

Playing Ladder Ball in the backyard.

Good idea. Good company. Good times.

And we're planning an Asaro Family Camping Adventure for next summer. Stay Tuned . . . .

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