Monday, August 17, 2009

She F-I-N-A-L-L-Y did it!

What?! What did she do?! And who is SHE?!

Mallory FINALLY got her ears pierced! She has officially had permission to have her ears pierced since she was 5 years old. The Waffle wasn't too sure about his little girl having earrings before that, but at 5, he agreed. Well, at 5, she wasn't interested. (Even though she had been asking for quite some time.) When we were ready, she wasn't. Figures, huh?

Well, off and on it has been a topic of conversation. She has looked at earrings in the stores, she has been given earrings as gifts, and still, her decision has been "no."

Imagine my surprise when we were walking through the mall yesterday, and here comes the jewelry store.

Waffle: "Hey Mallory."
Mallory: "What?"
Waffle (Gesturing toward the jewelry store): "How about today?"
Mallory: "Ok, sure!"
Mom: "What?!?! Really???"
Mallory (sporting a huge grin): "Yes, today I want to get my ears pierced."

About twenty minutes and three tears later, we walked out with ears that look like this:

What I didn't know is that she and the Waffle have been secretly discussing this for quite some time now. He's been working on her, slowly, building up her confidence that she can do it! Good job, Dad!

I still can't believe that she didn't scream her head off. Mind over matter, I guess.

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