Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Mom, I'm the Tin Man!!!"

On Hayden's last day of school, the second graders had a musical performance of The Wizard of Oz. There was a note sent home saying that the children should either wear green or wear nice school clothes. That morning Hayden came out wearing gray warm up pants and a gray t-shirt. So, I got out the note to remind him what he was supposed to be wearing. This was the response I got (to be read with the appropriate tone of an 8 year old son to his mother, who obviously knows nothing), "Mom, I'm the Tin Man!" Of course, the Tin Man wouldn't wear green, he would wear gray! How silly of me.

This quick little 30 second interaction with my 8 year old did, however, cause my spaghetti like tendencies to flare up a bit. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click here. Where, I wondered, have I been that I didn't even know that my son had a solo in the second grade musical performance? I had not even made plans to BE at the musical because the week prior I had been at the class play performance (Fractured Fairy Tales). The Waffle was going to see this one, but not mom, nope, not this time. HOW on earth could I have missed this? Is this what the next 10 years are going to be like? He doesn't willingly tell me things, and I must not be asking the right questions because I didn't know the information that I needed to know on this one! Spaghetti knows deep down that it will be ok, I was just having a weak moment. Check out these photos - and the video!

The kids prepare for their debut performance.

Front row - all in GRAY!

The Waffle said the choreography was very good.

Here's the video. We are so proud of him!!

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  1. No worries - they didn't choose the soloists until the day before. Nicklas told me about Hayden's part and I meant to call you. I'm sorry! But they definitely didn't give much notice!!