Monday, June 8, 2009

Monkey Joe's!

Our life has been revolving around a ball and bat lately.  It's been great - crazy, but that's life, right?  My mom drove up from Columbus, IN, to see the kids play last Friday.  We didn't tell them, so it was a fun surprise for them to have her here.  Mallory's game was first, and, apparently, she told her coach that she wanted to play catcher so "her Gramma could see her do somthing during the game."  Ha!  Something other than play in the dirt, that is!  Turns out, she made a fairly decent pitcher.  At least it kept her head in the game while she was up there!  She hasn't been very consistent as a hitter - sometimes she can hit a moving ball, sometimes she has to take the tee.  She seems to enjoy it - we'll just have to wait and see if she wants to play again next year . . .  Here's a slide show with some shots from her past few games.

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