Monday, June 15, 2009

Indians Outfield Adventure

This past weekend, we went on the most unique campout. Ever. We pitched our tent on the outfield of the Indianapolis Indians' Victory Field! It was amazing. The Indians host an annual Cub Scout Campout where scouts can attend the game, watch a fireworks show, then see a movie on the big screen scoreboard, and finally camp in the outfield. It was C-O-O-L. As many of you know, we love to camp. Yes, in tents. And yes, we all went. It was a whirlwind weekend for the family. Hayden had his own ball game at 5:15 on Friday. After his game, we hit the road to Indy. We arrived during the 3rd inning and there was no score, so we hadn't missed much. Our seats were pretty good - 2nd level, 1st baseline - perfect for catching foul balls. The Indians won it 2 - 0. Hayden was really into watching the game - I've noticed this much more lately. He is really turning into a basbeall player and fan. He's watching them to see how to get better. Being at the field after the game was over was pretty neat, too. We got to see everything they do to care for the field - they worked a long time on the pitcher's mound, then they rolled out a HUGE tarp to cover all of the infield. Sure wish we could get some of those for our little league fields! The fireworks show was very good. I couldn't believe how long it went - very impressive. Then it was time for the movie. They played Everybody's Hero which was very fitting for the occasion. Pitching the tents was total chaos, but the picture I got when it was all done is totally worth it. I've never seen anything like it. We obviously enjoyed every minute of it. And when it's time to do it again, we will be there. Definitely.

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