Monday, June 8, 2009

Practice makes perfect

The Waffle has taken Hayden to the batting cages here in town a few times this summer for some batting practice. I was able to go this past weekend and got some shots of him in action. He's got good form and some strength, too. It's funny to watch him, because, even at the cages, you can tell he wants to drive it as hard and far as he can. Can you say "Tes-tos-ter-one?"  

Great form

And . . . the swing!

Here he is during a game.  I just love watching him bat.  He's really good at it.  
And here in this photo, you can really see the form.  

That hit got him a triple!  Way to go Kincaid!!!

Since one of the boys on his team had to move, he's been playing first base for the past few games.  Turns out, he's not too bad!  He knows where to stand, how to hustle, and how to make those plays.  Yes, I'm proud of him.  I know you can tell.  But mommies are supposed to be proud of their babies, right???  Here is a photo of him playing first at last Friday's game.  The first base running coach (in the dark shirt) is a friend from high school.  His wife writes a blog.  She's the one who inspired me to start this one.  You can check it out here.

Well, the Waffle is turning in for the night.  And, for some weird reason, I feel that we're more connected if we go to bed at the same time.  So, even though I have so much more to say, it's time to sign off for today.  Besides, he called me a "Blog-aholic" . . . is that bad???

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I have had much experience with blog-aholism and I can safely say you are NOT a blog-aholic. At least, not yet anyway!