Monday, June 15, 2009

Titus Turns One

The Waffle and the birthday boy

After our Indians Outfield Adventure, we went to Titus' 1st birthday party! The Waffle and I have been friends with Titus' parents for over 12 years. They are wonderful friends, amazing parents, and just plain good people. In fact, when we got the invitation to Titus' party, I sent an email asking if we could come over at 9 am. The party started at Noon. There aren't too many people whom you can ask to come to the party 3 hours early, but they are that kind of people. You see, we had to be off the Indians field at 8 am, we were already in Indy, and they live in Danville. So, we showed up at 9, used their shower, and had a blast all day long. The theme for Titus' party was "Mr. Smiles is turning One." As you can see, he is almost always smiling. Check out these one year old photos taken of him by his cousin, Ashley.

Yellow Happy Faces were all around. His daddy decorated the cakes - with help from big sis #1 and big sis #2. He especially enjoyed the big yellow balloons. After the main festivities, the guys played bocce ball and the little girls played dress up. They were going to put on a play for the grown ups, but somehow it never materialized . . . They sure had fun practicing and coming up with ideas for it, though.

Drama princesses in pink - so sweet!

Getting together with their family is always the best of times and this weekend was no different. We were going on six hours of not so great sleep, so we were exhausted when we got home, but it was worth every minute of it. Thanks guys! We love you!

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