Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ride Warriors

For the past few days the Kincaids have been enjoying vacation #1 of the summer.  We hopped in the car and took the kids to King’s Island for a couple days.  We’ve been to Holiday World for the past couple of years, and Hayden had definitely outgrown the selection of roller coasters offered there.  The Waffle and I both have fond memories of coasters such as The Beast, The Racers and Vortex, so we decided it was time to start making some of those memories with the kids.

A few days before the trip, we got out the measuring tape to see where we “stood.”  As is turns out, Hayden was just under 54”, so he wasn’t able to go on everything that he wanted to.  He sure did make the best of it, though!  Here’s his list of accomplishments for the 2 day trip: Beast, Son of Beast, Racers, Vortex, Flight Deck, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Delirium, and some other not-so-exciting rides that shall go unnamed.  Of course, he had a great time.

Hayden and Mom on Delirium

Hayden at the water park

Mallory had a good time, too, for the most part.  She measured in at just under 46”, which prohibited her from going on any of the adult roller coasters.  She did enjoy the Viking Fury, the Fairly Odd Coaster, Scrambler, Monster, Shake, Rattle & Roll, and the Avatar ride (which mom enjoyed very much, too!).  We all stayed together for most of the first day, managing to visit rides and coasters alternately.  On the second day, however, we had to divide and conquer.  Mallory was tired of walking from one roller coaster to another, so I took her to Nickelodeon Universe (kids area) while Hayden and the Waffle visited various coasters.  This area was just her speed - kid friendly with a handful of rides for the more daring children.  Mallory is equally both!

Mallory and Mom on Viking Fury

Mallory at Nickelodeon Universe

Overall, it was an ideal trip.  The weather was beautiful – sunny and hot enough on day one to need a little refreshing.  So, we tried to hit a few water rides, so that we could all cool off a bit. The kids got just a little wet from the Wild Thornberry's River Adventure, but they needed more.  So, we visited the Congo Falls ride . . . only to find out that Mallory wasn't tall enough.  
So, we improvised.

After the Wild Thornberry's ride

Congo Falls observation deck


Day two was a bit more hot and humid than day one, which worked out perfectly for us to visit the water park.  We spent about 4 hours there, left for dinner, and came back to the park about 6:30 on day two.  That was when the weather took a nose dive.  The Waffle and I were in line for the new coaster, Diamondback, planning to take advantage of the "Parent Swap" so we could both ride, when they closed the ride due to expected inclement weather.  And sure enough, about 5 minutes later the sky opened up and we experienced the biggest hailstorm any of us had ever seen!


All in all, it was a great trip that we will all remember.  Which, for us, that's what it's all about.  Time spent together making great memories.  After all, for kids, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

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