Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Third grade is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  Hayden has a very good teacher this year and is enjoying school a lot.  His grades are great, which is pretty normal for him.  What I didn't find normal was the fact that Hayden (all on his own) decided to try out for a leading role in the class play.  He got the part of the Scarecrow.  He had 54 lines in 6 of the 10 scenes of the play.  He put in a lot of hours memorizing those lines, and, boy, did he ever pull off a great job acting!!  It turns out that we have quite the little broadway star on our hands! Check it out!

It was a wonderful play.  The entire class did a FANTASTIC job!  Our family was so lucky to have had TWO stars in the play.  Our niece Haleigh was also in the play - she was the Blue Narrator.  We are so thankful to have a great teacher who is willing to work extra with the kids to help them accomplish something so outstanding.  Kudos, Mr. C!

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  1. Brenda and I had a wonderful time watching both of our grandkids. The whole class did an outstanding job. Love, Grandpa Jerry