Saturday, April 24, 2010

Underwater Fun ~ Finally!

It's been a few weeks since we went to Shedd Aquarium.  And I didn't intend to wait this long to post photos, but, you know how it goes with Kincaids:  busy. busy, busy!

On Friday, April 2nd, we got up early and drove to Chicago.  Destination: Shedd Aquarium.  I had looked online about a month earlier and found a fantastic deal where we got a room at the Mariott Magnificent Mile and two tickets for $134!  Wow!  That was a deal that couldn't be beat, since the tickets were normally $25 each.  We arrived in Chicago about 9 in the morning, found our hotel and checked in.  We bought two more tickets (for the kids) and then took a bus to the aquarium.

What was super, super cool was NOT waiting in line!  As in VERY long line!  Because our tickets were VIP tickets, we walked past all the people in line, right up through the Exit doors and into the aquarium.  Very Cool.

We enjoyed the aquarium very much.  We missed out on the dolphin show because we didn't have tickets for that, and by the time we went to buy them, they were sold out for the day.  Oh well.  We've seen dolphin shows before.
The penguins were cool.  Well, of course they were! :)  

The turtle looked old and wise.

Walking under (and over) many different species of God's creation was amazing.  

Simply amazing!

The Momma Beluga whale had just given birth.  See how her skin is sagging?  

I didn't know that Nemo lived in Chicago!  (I thought he was from Australia!)

Some fish were just ugly.  Big and ugly.

Some were spikey.

Some were bright.

Some were leggy.  
(Mallory didn't like looking at this one - not even the pictures!)

This one was all clammed up.

Some were skinny.

And shy, apparently.

We liked the way these two looked, so we decided to take them home with us!

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