Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Mouth Full?

Or not.  Hayden had to have four teeth pulled last week, in preparation for getting braces in a year or so.  He has a really crowded mouth and the orthodontist said that pulling these teeth will help make room.  So, when it's all said and done, he will actually have four less teeth than what is normal, just to make room!

He was a real trooper.  Our dentist said he's a very good patient ~ better than many adults.  We've been blessed with a good dentist, but also with kids who aren't afraid to go and know that it's important.

His appointment was at 11:30, we were home by 1:00.  His mouth was bleeding and numb, of course, so he didn't feel like eating anything.  I had to help him take a drink of water!  And even with my help, it still dribbled down his chin.  He started feeling a little more normal later in the afternoon and finally ate around 4:00.  Mashed potatoes and a bowl of ice cream!  Then, he crashed.

While his lips were numb, he accidentally bit his lower lip.  It ended up swelling a bit, which was quite uncomfortable for a few days.  But overall, it wasn't a bad experience.  

Here he is a few days later, all smiles. You can't really see the holes that were left in this picture, 
but I spared you the gross one.

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