Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Chicago!

I was really glad that we decided to get a hotel room and stay overnight in Chicago.  Because we got to the aquarium so early, and didn't have to wait in line, we saw everything we wanted to by early afternoon.  It was an AMAZINGLY beautiful day in Chicago, so we walked to Navy Pier.  

We walked down the pier, but because it was so early in the season, there wasn't much to do.  The rides weren't open yet, and we really weren't hungry because we ate lunch at the aquarium.  So, we just walked.

We saw some beautiful artwork . . .

Some cool toys . . .

and enjoyed the awesome Chicago skyline . . .

both from the outside AND from our hotel room!

After all that walking, we were worn out.  (Well, the old people were anyway!)  Dad took a nap in the hotel room and mom relaxed with a book beside the pool while the kids splashed and played with other children who were enjoying Chicago on a Friday afternoon.  (Mom forgot to take the camera to the pool.)  Then, after cleaning up, we took to the streets of Chicago on an awesome Friday night.  The weather was gorgeous.  And it was fun enjoying a city that has so much to offer.  We went to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.  The kids LOVED it!
The restaurant was decorated so magnificently.

The drinks were served in colorful, sparkly glasses.

Even the ceiling was awesome!

After dinner, we walked some more.  We saw: 

the Water Tower . . .

the Apple store (Hayden thinks he needs an iPad!) . . .

the Hershey store (Mallory thinks she needs monster sized chocolate bars!) . . .

And the next morning we saw this very cool two story McDonald's.  

Then we hit the road. ~ driving to Michigan to visit the Asaro family for Easter.  I think I'll put that in another post!  Chicago was awesome!

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