Saturday, April 25, 2009

Team Colors? Pink and Purple!!!

Mallory's first Tee Ball practice was Friday night.  I sure hope the team colors are pink and purple!  I think almost every girl out there had a pink bat, a pink and purple mitt, a pink bag, and some even had pink on their cleats!  I definitely need to get the Sharpie out and put her name on her things.  

Of course, it's going to be fun watching them play . . . it will be comic relief for sure.  I couldn't tell if Mallory was having more fun playing catch or doing dance twirls and ballerina leaps!  It was pretty cute.  You can tell that she'd been watching her big brother for a few years, though.  She had pretty good form when throwing and catching and the coach even complimented her a few times.  

Here are a few more photos to enjoy . . .

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