Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All their eggs in one basket

For Easter we always go to Michigan to see my family.  My sister lives in Berrien Springs and my dad and stepmom live in Hartford. My sister has two girls (Chloe and Alayna) and the cousins always have lots of fun together.  We usually make a weekend of it and stay overnight for a night or two.  This year was lots of fun.  We went to a public Easter Egg hunt at a local park on Saturday, then followed it with one of our own on Sunday.  The kids definitely got loaded up with goodies this weekend.  Now it's up to us to ration it out!  Here are some sweet pictures.

Alayna's Easter Egg

Eggs decorated by the kids

Hayden fills his 'basket' (sporting his new sports glasses!)

Hayden, Chloe and Mallory take turns dippin'

Mallory's goodies from the Saturday hunt

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