Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Spring Training Time!

Like many people in the Midwest, I simply cannot wait for the time when the snow melts and the flowers bloom . . . there's just something about green grass and tulips that says SPRING! Well, around our house something else says spring, too. BASEBALL! We've had sign up and round up, and now today was our first practice of the season. This is Hayden's 4th year of baseball and his 2nd year in the Pinto league. I told one of the coaches today that I can't figure out why, but I am just really excited about baseball this year! I've been a 'team mom' every year, and this year is no different. I just get the challenge of being team mom *and* shuttling the kids between two sets of practices and games this year. And, I'm excited to say that I have even set up a blogspot for Hayden's team! You know, to share photos and schedules and to talk about how the season is going. Check it out: Here are a couple of pics I snapped today at practice.

Mallory has decided that she wants to play this year, too. We gave her the option of playing on a team with boys and girls mixed, or with all girls. She chose all girls, so we signed her up for softball. Of course, our little Mallory has a pink bat, a pink and purple mitt and a pink and white ball. Now, if only we could have found pink shoes in her size!

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