Saturday, March 13, 2010

Confessions of a Loving Wife

The Waffle celebrated his 40th birthday this year.  While I have been teasing him for quite some time about being old, I wanted to be honoring, not mean, for this special occasion.  I decided a long time ago that there would be no "Over the Hill" decorations, no black balloons, and no gag gifts.  You see, I am younger than the Waffle, and I know that what goes around comes around.  I don't know how I will be feeling when I am preparing to hit the big 4-0, so I wanted to go easy on him.

The Saturday before his birthday, we had plans to be in a Euchre tournament with a group of friends from church.  I decided to go ahead and use this opportunity to celebrate with Brett.

Here's the cake:

And here are the candles:


Now, for the confession part.  After a very busy weekend, complete with euchre party and cake, we started a very busy week.  Monday came and went.  Tuesday came and went.  Wednesday (the big day) came, and almost went, without me even wishing the Waffle a Happy Birthday!  Can you believe it?  Sometimes our lives are in such a routine, and we have stuff going on ~ Scouts, sports, homework, Bible study, etc. ~ that doing something special mid-week is out of the question.  The REALLY bad part?  I didn't even buy him a card!  Ugh!  Good thing we gave up keeping score in our relationship a long time ago.  Or I would really have some points to be making up for!

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