Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bears in the News

In January Hayden's Bear Den visited the production plant for our local newspaper, the Journal and Courier.  It is an amazing building, very architecturally appealing, with full glass in the front.  You can even see the huge printing press from the road!

The newspaper had not "gone to press" yet when we were there ~ so it was very quiet in the building.  While on the tour, I learned that the local printing plant prints papers for cities and towns all over the Midwest.  We even saw some for Ohio!

This nice older gentleman is a retired J & C employee who volunteers his time to give tours.  He had a little trouble holding the attention of all the children, but he was very patient with our group.

Those big tanks hold the ink for the newspapers.  They were huge!

This machine puts the inserts into the newspaper.

This is a roll of newsprint paper.  Just for reference, Mallory is about 46 inches tall!

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