Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Treasure Hunt

One of our family 'traditions' is Penny Smashing. Whenever we go somewhere together, we check to see if they have those penny smashing machines. When we find someplace that has them, we add to our collection. As we've gotten more experienced, we are learning a few things. Copper pennies are the best ones to use. Copper was used in pennies dated before 1982. If they aren't shiny, clean them with some lemon juice. When you're planning a trip, you can check ahead of time to see if they have penny smashers there. Just go to www.pennycollector.com.

We're going to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry on Friday, so the Waffle checked the website and found that there are 28 different designs there! So, tonight, he and the kids went on a 'treasure hunt' for copper pennies. We're going to be prepared with lots of copper pennies and plenty of quarters! I'll post pictures when we get home.

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