Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Useless Things"

Is the title of a poem that Hayden wrote last night. I'm pretty sure it was an assignment, as he wrote it in his journal from school. The thing that amazed me was the ease with which his pencil moved across the page, words flowing out in perfect time and perfect rhyme. His teacher told me at parent-teacher conference time that he was an excellent writer. I'm beginning to see it more and more. And now, I will share:

Useless Things

A body without a head
a pencil without lead
a foot without toes
a face without a nose,

Pages without a book
a chess set without a rook
a no parking sign without no
a toenail without a toe,

This poem without lines
the denist without Dr. Hines
legos without studs
falling without thuds.

I believe it could keep going. But why? You get the point, right? I like it because it's clever. It's simple. And cute. And, I am totally in love with the author!

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